Corporate Advisory

Leading and top tier financial advisor in the Brazilian market.

Riza Capital is a leading player in the mergers & acquisitions market in Brazil, acting as an independent financial boutique, with top tier partners and professionals with over two decades of experience in the market.
Combining deep local market expertise with a broad reach around the globe, Riza Capital offers a perfect fit for specialist advisory services dedicated to several sectors of the economy.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Excellence on the execution of complex transactions of mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructuring, relying on senior partners with outstanding experience in the market.

Riza Capital defines tailored strategies, oriented based on client’s interests and on the market conditions, aiming to maximize the investment return of the transactions for clients and focused on quality, speed and transparency.

The methodology seeks to minimize execution risks, increasing the potential of success of the transaction, and preserving the confidentiality of information.

With an independent position, without conflicts of interest, Riza Capital is well-known for its distinguished track-record and reputation.

Capital Markets

Advice and guidance to prepare companies planning to successfully access the capital markets.

Riza Capital acts with a senior team in all stages of the securities issuance in the capital markets, from the selection of the most suitable product until the settlement of the transaction.

The process includes the preparation of the companies and its executives to access the markets, interact with investors and in the relationship with institutions and specialists that will be involved in the transaction, as well as monitoring the market conditions.


Riza Capital conducts debt restructuring projects and negotiation with creditors, seeking agreements according to the client’s needs.

The strategy aims to speed up the solutions for the negotiations and to find the best alternatives to protect the financial health of the companies in the short, mid and long terms.